April 12, 2016

Would You...Could You...On a Train?

I came across this photo recently and decided to post it. This is a hat I was knitting two years ago on the train ride between Tianjin and Beijing. Their was a little tray that pulled out that was perfect.

Knitting is always packed when we travel and usually more than one project comes with. Circular needles are also good travel companions since they don't roll away sending you crawling through the bus or boat or train or plane or whatever mode of travel you are on.

The drink is a Vitamin C lemonade we get here. It also comes in grapefruit flavor which I also like. No pictures of the train. I did get a picture, but there were people in it and they didn't look happy about being photographed so I'm leaving it off.

Anyway, I just thought this was a fun photo. On our next school trip, I shall try to remember to have pictures taken of my knitting in different places...just for fun.

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