February 25, 2016

Finger Knit Coaster

I used some bulky yarn to teach some preschoolers how to do finger knitting and ended up with about a yard of finger knitting. I used some extra sock yarn to crochet over it and form a circle which made a really cute coaster.

Doing a bunch of these would make an interesting table mat or even a rug. And, it's nice and thick for protecting surfaces from hot drinks.

February 24, 2016

Meanwhile, Back in China...

It is so good to be back in China. I have not figured out the whole mobile posting thing still so I did not add any posts while in the US.

And, getting back required getting a new water heater, a new SIM card, moving furniture, and dealing with a really bad cold. But, things are looking up and jet lag is almost gone. The cold is gone and I am looking forward to posting again.

I'm going to be locating a dentist here in China which should be interesting. But, getting a couple of teeth taken care of should result in a major pain reduction. My dentist in the US retired and, so, I am willing, finally, to find one here which will probably be better in the long run, but, I am terrified of dentists in general.

On the crafting front, I took a long, hard look at my Granny Stripe Afghan, draped it over the bed and discovered that it pooled in the floor on both sides. I took a deep breath, folded it in half and cut it it down the middle. Then, I proceeded to cobble the edges together and add a border. I still need to weave in the ends.

Cutting crochet is really not a good idea. But, the yarn was not going to ravel well and was extremely cheap. Also, it is really, really, really cold here. It is so cold in the apartment that, when I got up this morning, I checked the beans I had soaking to make sure there wasn't ice on the top. There wasn't, but cooking the beans created enough steam to fill the apartment and I had to open a window in the kitchen to vent it.

That being the case, I decided to go with an ugly, but warm, afghan so I could call it quits and give myself permission to start a smaller afghan. What made me make one the size of the state of Texas anyway? I'm not quite sure how it grew to such proportions, but I am very happy with my decision to end it. And, I have been very happily cuddled in it ever since.

February 12, 2016