May 16, 2016

Bougainvillea Bower
I just love how these bowers of bougainvillea blossom all over the city!

May 13, 2016

Pet Pictures
 This is our little Mochi cat all worn out sleeping with her head resting on my drying mat! Not where I like her to lay, but too cute not to snap a picture.
 Peanut always looks guilty when we take her picture.
 Mochi, you don't fit in that basket, silly kitty!
 Mochi decided to nap in my lettuce pot.
We went to the groomer to get Peanut a trim and she got shaved instead. Poor naked puppy!

May 11, 2016

Noodles in the Making
 I pass this noodle marker on the way back and forth to the eye hospital. Sometimes I just stop and watch because seeing those noodles being bounced and stretched and twisted before being dropped in hot water is just so interesting. I've never seen a woman flipping noodles. My guess is that long arms are an important requirement.
In the States, what is called lo mein is a derivative of la mian which is literally "spicy noodles" and absolutely nothing like lo mein in the US. La mian is often eaten as breakfast here and usually has a topping of pickled vegetables or greens. So good. I could eat a bowl right now.

May 3, 2016

Kitchen Sketching

April 21, 2016

A Crocheted Hottie
Well, according to my sources, a "hottie" is the British term for a hot water bottle cozy and it's much less of a mouthful to say. I didn't use a pattern, though. I just crocheted a long enough piece to wrap around the bottle, sewed the three sides and added a top bit to fold over for buttons.

After my foundation row, I just skipped four stitches, made four stitches in one space, chained one, and continued to the end. For the next row, I worked four chains into each space. I think maybe it needs a crocheted flower though, but it does serve it's purpose to keep the hot water bottle from being too hot against my skin.

April 20, 2016

Beehive Cowl
This cowl was made because I had one skein of this yarn and I wanted to use it up so much. It wasn't really enough for a lot of projects so I settled on a cowl. Unfortunately, I do not remember what needles I used or how many stitches I cast on. But, all I did was alternate between knitting and purling going about five rows each before switching.

It worked great, but I like my cowls much looser than this one turned out. I wish I had written down how many stitches I cast on, because I think adding another 15-25 would be perfect for me. Although, I'd probably need two balls of yarn. So, this cowl will be gifted. This was a terrific mindless knit though.

Ravelry Page.

April 19, 2016

Tablet Cozy
This is the Tablet Cozy by Kristin Nicholas. It's actually a free pattern on Ravelry. I used some Peace Fleece Yarn I had in my stash. I didn't have a whole lot of colors to choose from and these three were the only ones I had that I thought I could make work together. However, I'm really happy with how it turned out. It also works great for keeping my tablet protected. I do have a silicone cover for it which helps. This just adds some screen protection when I have it in my bag.

The painting in the background is a work in progress. It's upside down and was inspired by the lotus blossoms in bloom at Green Lake. But, I can't quite figure out where to go with it next. In the meantime, it makes a great background for showcasing knitting.

Kristin Nicholas makes all kinds of amazing knitting patterns, in particular, colorwork. If you are interested in knitting colorwork, check out her books. She has two different books on color knitting. And, most recently, she has a book called Crafting a Colorful Home. This book has all kinds of craft patterns including knitting, crochet, painting, and others. But, best of all, it includes pictures of her colorful home.

One of my favorite things about Kristin Nicholas is that she dabbles in and excels in multiple crafts. I also love playing with multiple crafts, learning new crafts, and I have a huge list of things I'd like to learn to do. Kristin Nicholas is the kind of crafter I aspire to be. If you love color and crafting, you will love her books and blog as much as I love this pattern of hers.

Ravelry Page.